Launch of issue n° 24 by Jimmie Durham at Thomas Dane Gallery, Naples

Thomas Dane Gallery, Napoli
Sabato 26 gennaio 2019 dalle ore 18.30

E IL TOPO is an artists’ magazine that began in Naples in 1992 thanks to an idea of Gabriele Di Matteo and Franco Silvestro, and has evolved into an international community of artists and thinkers with a post-Situationist attitude. Until 1996 – the year in which E Il Topo stopped publication – eleven issues were produced, involving artists who were soon to become major names on the contemporary art scene. The magazine resurfaced in 2012 (with issue no. 12, Rebirth) after 16 years of silence, relying on a new editorial staff. The collaborative and contributive character of the project has made it the ideal vehicle to amplify the group’s actions: a clandestine approach, contrary to any editorial policy.

Each new issue is presented with a performance (White Box and Printed Matter in New York, the Supportico Lopez gallery in Berlin, MADRE museum in Naples, Nuit Blanche Paris, FRAC Bretagne in Rennes…) or with a retrospective exhibition, such as the shows at CNEAI in Paris, Franz Masereel Centrum in Belgium or Museo Nivola in Orani. In 2014 E IL TOPO published the Topist Manifesto in a Korean newspaper. Its ten programmatic points define a sulfurous aesthetic and transformed the group into a movement.

The last Topist action involves Jimmie Durham as the protagonist of a new transformation: E IL TOPO becomes E IL TORO. In this issue, on the trail of the poem To a Mouse by Robert Burns, the artist imagines an encounter between the two animals, the mouse and the bull, where the mouse represents the figure of the artist and the bull the nations of Europe (the fathers). 

 At the Thomas Dane Gallery in Naples, the artists of E IL TOPO and Jimmie Durham will present this final issue with a performance. The texts, sounds, noises and changes of mood will as always be documented by a blind cameraman, a central role in the entire Topist aesthetic.

Performer: Armando della Vittoria, Guillaume Clermont, Théo & Mario Coppola, Gatto Silvetro, David Liver, Frederic Liver, Giancarlo Norese, Steve Piccolo, Gak Sato, Claudio Salerno, Gabi Scardi.


Thomas Dane Gallery
Via Francesco Crispi, 69 (1º Piano)
Napoli 80122 
+39 081 1892 0545
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