Founded in Naples in 1992, deceased in Milan in 1996, reborn after 16 years, scattered, individual and multiple, E IL TOPO is now an international and transgenerational “movement” that conveys a subversive and libertarian attitude, whose modus operandi – subtly polemical, at times – acknowledges no preset roles, no personal styles. An attitude of moving sideways, avoiding the beaten track, in an ongoing “knight’s move”; an ability to defy expectations and to avoid the commonplace, to make unforeseen associations, to create contacts between ideas and people. The group is composed of about 20 artists, a fluid configuration that gathers for specific projects often involving only a few members, without inner rankings and without individual signatures. The presence of E IL TOPO is contextual, adapting and manifesting itself in multiple forms, where the only constant is the magazine of the same name, invariably printed since 1992 in black on gray recycled paper. With the addition, starting in 2012, of the Red Letter Editions.

Issues from 1992 to 1996 and all the original art works produced by the artists involved in the project are conserved at the Bibliothéque Municipale de Lyon