E IL TOPO at 21er Haus in Wien

Salon für Kunst Buch present Italia Happening an exhibition of 130 artists' books
opening: February 18, 2015, 7:00 PM

salon fur kunst buch

In 130 exhibition pieces, a current view on Italian artistic production is assembled, demonstrating that the country's contribution to recent art history cannot be boiled down to Arte Povera or Maurizio Cattelan.
What about the current situation of Italy can be discerned from publications stemming from the arts? What is happening, and what attracts interest in individual cases? Who did not leave the country under these circumstances, and which topics and discourses are currently debated?
On the opening: Bernhard Cella talks to Gabrielle Cram (Lead of dramaturgy, Tanzquartier Vienna).

Accompanying the exhibition:
Italia Reenactment - Dramatic reading of dialogues by the Dutch artists Fucking Good Art with protagonists from the Italian art scenes (2012) and contributions by curators Luca Lo Pinto (NERO Magazine, Rome; Kunsthalle Wien) and Andreas Hapkemeyer (Museion, Bozen).

Duration of the exhibition: February 19 to April 30, 2015.

Contributions by:
A Certain Number Of Books, Gianpaolo Arena, Federico Barbon, Alessia Bernardini, Nicolò De Biasio, Blisterzine, Monica Bonvicini, Edda Bracchi, Boite, Choisi, Cranico, Delebile Edizioni, Direct Cut, E IL TOPO, Flip project, 3/3 Tre Terzi, Humboldt Books, Alice Guareschi, Gabriel Kuri, Landscape stories, Le Dictateur, Michele Lombardelli, Madness & Civilization, Tobia De Marco, Mousse Publishing, Marco Mucig, Maurizio Nannucci, Nero Magazine, Nomade Arteideologia, Officina Typo, Osservatorio Fotografico, Palermo Direct Cut, Bolo Paper, Federico Pepe, Armando Perna, Edizioni Precarie, Print About Me, P420 Gallery, RawRaw, Rorhof, San Rocco, Luca Scarabelli, Spaziolabò Edizioni, Filippo Tassinari, Teatro Balocco, The Cool Couple, The Exhibitionist, Nico Vascellari, Andro Vekua, Von Holden Studio, Yes I am Writing a Book.

Salon für Kunst Buch
21er Haus
Arsenalstraβe 1, A-1030 Wien


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